You are currently viewing REFLECTION, REGRET – ACTION


You can reflect, get clarity and regret or reflect, get clarity and act

It’s a choice you get to make when you’re young – BUT – Implementation is key

How often do you think about it and not do it

The change of a job, location, relationships, friendships, hobbies

Stuck in the same old same old becomes a habit until time takes its toll

You wake up one morning and wonder what happened

Where did all that time go — What did I really achieve — Did I achieve anything

Was it all a big waste of time?

When you’re going through it you don’t take time to stop — Reflect and be courageous

It’s courageous to change course when what you’re doing no longer serves you

It’s regrettable to stay just because that’s the norm, that’s what you were taught

My degree didn’t birth me, it didn’t grow me up, it didn’t take hold of me until I let it

Then it took over, it defined me — It became who I am, it controlled me

Then it was all over and as I look back over all the success and yes there were many

They are no longer, they are forgotten and the result — What the heck, what just happened?

Was that all there is to life — NO — There was a bigger call, a greater opportunity to serve


My degree, wouldn’t let me go, I wouldn’t let my degree go

I wanted to be courageous but I wasn’t, I stayed in the safety of my degree and for what

What does it mean right now? 

The calling remains — Of course it does — It still yearns to be fulfilled

There is MORE to life than I lived for me — There is still a contribution –  A service yet to do

In the time left I have a choice — Reflect and regret or reflect, take action and do. 

For you who are younger — Don’t wait — Reflect, find out what that contribution is for you

Search for it, if you feel a calling inside, if there’s a knowing that just doesn’t leave you

Then search for it and DO IT!