New Beginnings

Is what you are doing making you sick or causing you pain! What is your pain and what are you going to do about it? This article is not to trivialise sickness and disease. It is not written in an attempt to minimise the vast impact of health challenges on our nations, nor is it written as medical advice. Rather it is penned to help you reflect on your life…

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This Year, Next Year, Sometime, Never

We’re coming into Christmas. Everything slows as we approach the end of the year. Here in Australia it’s hot and people take off to the beach for their summer vacation. Nothing really happens until after Australia Day, then with a return to school, parents back at their jobs, February comes and goes in a haze. It’s a short month anyway, so why not focus on March. We’re into the third…

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Circles and Lines

Fast approaching the end of the year, new years resolutions formulating, rolling around in the mind as you survey the endless possibilities. Come January 1st everything will change and by January 31st all will be the same. The circle will have started to form! Was last year circles or lines for you? Have you made progress over the last year as you inched along the time line or did you…

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