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I know you’re out there, I’ve met you, I’ve listened to you, I’ve spoken to you

You are the ones who care, I mean really care

Often wear your heart on your sleeve

Want the best for everyone even to your own hurt

Would give the shirt off your back if it would help someone out

Yet in all this goodness you miss out, you get rolled over, used 

Your kind heart is like a magnet for those who would take advantage of your character

While theirs is sorely lacking in this department — They succeed, they do well

On the one hand you don’t mind on the other you don’t understand why it doesn’t happen for you

They tell you to toughen up, you try but it doesn’t work — Don’t

They stand on stages and pulpits and encourage you to be like them — It doesn’t work

They give you models for success but they don’t work for you

You leave, discouraged, deflated, questioning and wondering why not you — What’s wrong with you

Nothing — In fact you are the people I want to work with

The empaths, the carers, the searchers, the seekers

The ones who know they are here for a reason but just don’t know what it is,

The very things that others feel have held you back are your strengths

Patience, goodness, gentleness, kindness are gifts — you just need to know Why to use them

Yes Why — Not how

That why comes through recognising that there are elements beyond your purpose

That define your purpose — I have found that these elements help put everything in place.

If you’re wondering where to go next, what to do next, how to really succeed as you would like

Then will you fill in your details by hitting ‘contact’ and I’ll come back to you with an invitation