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No I can’t see the future – but  – I can look back on experience 

One of the great things about getting old is what you can share with those on the journey

I can’t stop anyone making mistakes and in a way I don’t want to

The learning from these experiences is what gives us wisdom

However, preventable errors are another thing entirely – AND – I wish I’d had someone to point me in the right direction.

Of course the questions would be — Would I listen

Recently I realised I’d become another statistic – My first statistic was the midlife crisis at 40

This one was that Dentist retire on average 7 years later than anyone else – Yes I did this too!

The reason – I liked what I did – I was good at it, it gave me purpose, direction and maybe identity

What was I going to do if I stopped – I couldn’t just sit at home – I’m not the type

I couldn’t fill my days with trivia, just not for me

I couldn’t pull out the rocking chair – I’m not the type

I needed meaning – Something to do that made a difference

I’d happily show other dentists the ups and downs of the profession

Give tips on life in dentistry – NOT TECHNIQUES – You can get those anywhere


How to prepare for later

How recognise personal signs and symptoms

How to gauge the retirement age

How to have an exit strategy with meaning

That’s what I wanted to know when I was in my forties and fifties and into my sixties

If I could help with just that – Then I would be fulfilling part of my purpose 

If I could share the three elements that lie above purpose and define it

If I could just land these ideas with those coming along behind then I would cover my purpose

If I could help people retire with money and purpose then – Job Done – AND – I found a way to do it!

You see, this is all for you – Not just dentists, believe it or not they’re people too

It’s for you the searcher, the seeker, the one looking for More out of life

The one questioning life, wondering whether there is More -AND -There is

I would love to share those Three elements with you in a masterclass

Help you find that purpose and if required show you a way to support it

How to retire with money AND PURPOSE

Come and join me on this journey of discovery

Fill in your details below and I’ll come back to you.