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When you emerge on the other side, questioning the whirlwind of time, and wonder, “What now?”—that’s when you realise the need for a “What Now.”

A purpose, a meaning, something to keep the gears turning, to create, share, enjoy, and make a difference. You might have thought those aspirations were reserved for the working years, I did. Surprise! I was wrong.

The desire for input, relevance, and impact doesn’t retire when you do. Imparting the wisdom gained from a lifetime—through the ups, the downs, and even the sideways moments—becomes the vocation. What works, what doesn’t, and what’s next?

It took me a while to recover from the initial shock, truth be told. I was numb, blindsided by the very thing I thought I wanted: a life without work. But the need for purpose doesn’t clock out when the 9-to-5 ends, the instruments are laid down, and you wave goodbye. Then comes the echoing question: What Now?

Sure, one could say, “Why didn’t you plan?” Well, I did. What I didn’t plan for was the flood of emotions, the longing, the yearning for meaning beyond retirement. How could I have known? I’ve never been here before.

Many of my patients joyfully exclaimed, ‘I don’t know how I had the time for work, I’m so busy’—and I believed them. I thought I’d be the same! But apparently not. There’s still so much to do, give, share, encourage, motivate, and inspire. Countless lessons learned along the way that can change a life, make a difference.

So, with all this laid bare, my path forward is to share the experiences of the last 50 years—the three phases in a practitioner’s life, plus the unexpected twists, the different routes, the hurdles, the choices and the alternatives. Yes I thought dentistry wasn’t for me on more than one occasion so I added alternatives!

If you believe this is only relevant for those nearing retirement, think again. Life’s wheels can start wobbling long before that happens. If you’re here, regardless of your current age, feeling the resonance; if you’re grappling with stress, burnout, searching for more, something different, or simply seeking answers, then you’ve found your place.

If you’ve started to question it all—whether you’re in the right place, right time, or right direction; deciding to stay general, niche, exit altogether, or find yourself saying – “there must be MORE to life than this!” – Then, my friend, I’m your man. 

I’ve been there, got the T-shirt, written the book, prepared the workshop, with plenty of answers (Not all!) and ready for fun.

Oh – And if you’re cruising through, congrats—I’ve been there too.

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