You are currently viewing THE GREAT RESIGNATION – ARE YOU READY?


Looking to change jobs — Had enough — Not appreciated


Just love working from home — No daily commute — Hours in traffic

Hot stuffy trains and buses — Busy streets — Not worth the money

It’s great to be looking around and it’s certainly the time


Are you ready

Having made many moves during my career — I’ve discovered some pitfalls

Not least of all was the “seemed like a good idea at the time” pitfall

I’d done my cycle — I was done — Ready to make the move but NOT Prepared!

The plan to move goes way beyond — I’m done, fed up, bored, burned out

Great reasons for moving — Especially Burned Out

The point is how to make the move and not get burned by yourself

A decision made in haste, emotionally at the end of your tether you may regret

So I came up with a principle for myself that I’d like to share

A way of defining the direction before making the move

Getting the ducks all flying in the right direction

Being positive about the move — Sure as you can be it’s the right one

Based not on a whim but on YOU

Beyond Passion, Purpose and Why — This Principle encapsulates you

It takes the guessing out of the game — minimises risk — Maximises opportunity

Would it be worth investing some time to investigate yourself

Discovering what actually makes you tick — What your future could hold for you?

If you’re at the crossroads looking for answers

Or are thinking — “There must be MORE to life than this!”

Then let’s take the time to find that MORE — The MORE just for you

That’s just what this masterclass and mentorship is all about

Finding the MORE for you — The Direction — The Ideal and yes your PURPOSE

So if this is you — Inquisitive? Then…

Fill in the form at the bottom and I’ll be in touch

All the best