The Way of the Gatekeeper

“As a staff or sheepdog would keep the sheep together from straying, so the role of gatekeeper is the same. He is responsible to oversee the people, gently guide the drifter back and keep those on the threshold of evil paths from taking another step in the wrong direction.” We ignore the gateway to our peril. Though it is the pathway into the temple, we neglect it, allowing the weeds…

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Tightrope Walking — Eggs Basket!

Of all the things that I thought would stop us working, a pandemic certainly wasn’t one. War, injury, sickness, burnout certainly crossed my mind but a pandemic, who would have thought. That even as an essential service our wings would be clipped to such an extent that many of us have just had to close down. Now I realise that we have been walking a tightrope, believing that our jobs…

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