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This Year, Next Year, Sometime, Never

We’re coming into Christmas. Everything slows as we approach the end of the year. Here in Australia it’s hot and people take off to the beach for their summer vacation. Nothing really happens until after Australia Day, then with a return to school, parents back at their jobs, February comes and goes in a haze. It’s a short month anyway, so why not focus on March.

We’re into the third month of the year and nothing much has happened. Now we play catch up, hoping that the months ahead will be profitable enough for us to go through the same process again next year. This is the circle. Push button, repeat.

So when do we make the change? This Year, Next Year, Sometime, Never…

What change can we make to ensure we are not in the same position twelve months from now. What procedure , what ideas, what new business venture could we adopt that would simply increase turnover or actually be a better fit?

As I said, we can wait until March to get going or we can decide to put the effort into NOW, into us and into our businesses.

Time for a change or more of the same?

Really, the decision is yours.