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‘I didn’t know you were leaving, no one told me!’

Funny thing about retirement — The feeling of being disposable

Being needed until you aren’t — There’s someone to replace you — It’s all good

You can leave now — Maybe earlier than you planned but it suits us better

Helps us drive our business into the future — Bye

And with that the door is closed and the work you held dear no longer an option

Of course everyone retires don’t they? It’s the norm right?


Is it or is it the construct we’ve been indoctrinated with — It used to be 65 now it’s what, 67

Who made up that little rule and why

What if you’re not ready — You want to go for longer

Maybe your body doesn’t work so well but the mind, that’s still active

You still feel the need to contribute, feel needed, feel necessary

So what do you do? Just accept it, grow old gracefully or find something new

Exciting, invigorating, motivational, where you are accepted no matter your age

You see there is still opportunity, still another mountain to climb if you want it

Age is but a number, retirement an outdated construct — Interest rates a shambles

Pensions a farce, super a joke — But you — You are valuable, you can still play a part

Make a difference, bank your experience, help others

You just need to know where to start and the right opportunity for you

You will have worked it out by now — It’s stressful to choose wrong 

And it’s stressful to do nothing — So where are the opportunities, the ones that will work for you

that’s what we’re here to find out — As you decide to go again

Let’s find what suits, let’s understand you, let’s get a match and let’s get you going

The “No Regrets” masterclass is here to open up possibilities

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