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Out of your heart, into your head then –  Ground It 

Don’t let the dream fade and die in the busyness of life, let it flourish and grow then –  Ground It

Let your imagination go wild, then hold it in check –  Ground It

Design it in your mind, develop the idea and then –  Ground It

So much of our lives we live with a dream, it sits in the mind to be visited often

A place to go to, disappear into, developed over years but never grounded

Not brought to a point where it goes from, believing before you see

To seeing what you believed coming into  – BEING 

That hiatus, built on procrastination, disbelief, peer pressure, upbringing, self esteem

Becomes no longer temporary, a gap, a pause, a break but permanent

As the dream becomes dormant or visited less and less –  you continue through life

On a roller coaster, at times hoping, clutching at glimpses of what could be

Settling for what is – Just because no one shows you how to – Ground It! 

How to turn the dream into reality, and support it without going broke

Without slipping back into old ways of thinking that defeated you in the past

That prevented all that you dreamed coming to fruition.

Find the dream, mix it with the non negotiable’s that are the foundation of your life

And bring them into being.


Come and spend some time with me as we explore… 

– The Dream – The Non Negotiable’s

 – ‘The Seven – Keepers of the More’

 – How to Activate your Diamond Principle

 – How to Define your Purpose

 – How to support the Dream – Without going broke

‘If nothing changes, nothing changes – For things to change it’s time for you to change’

There’s no perfect time – So NOW is the time

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