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New Beginnings

Is what you are doing making you sick or causing you pain!

What is your pain and what are you going to do about it?

This article is not to trivialise sickness and disease. It is not written in an attempt to minimise the vast impact of health challenges on our nations, nor is it written as medical advice. Rather it is penned to help you reflect on your life as we go into the New Year – New Beginnings.

As a practicing dentist I have been in the fortunate position of relieving thousands of people of their pain.

These people fall into three categories. Those who come at the first sign of pain, those who wait until it’s too late and those who recognise that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. They attend regularly to ensure that they stay healthy.

I have found that this is true of life. What’s your area of pain? Weight loss, physical fitness, mental fitness, Headaches, back or neck pain, your job, your relationship, your family,  bills, debt, mortgage repayments, credit cards, depression, procrastination, emotions. The list goes on, you know your own pain!

You wake with it, it stays with you all day and it goes to bed with you at night. It wakes you from your sleep or prevents you going to sleep in the first place.  Your choice is to deal with it as soon as it arises, wait until you can stand it no more and seek help or continue to tolerate it, paralysed into inactivity by the very thing that is sapping you of your strength, compounding your stress levels and making you sick.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

I love this time of year, not just for the presents or time with friends and family, but for the sense of anticipation, the expectation of something new, a change in the coming year that will change everything.

I do nothing and next year will be as this, I do something, I make the change and all things will change. It’s up to me!


Desire, a Hope, a Thought that is so strong, so powerful that nothing will deter you from getting the job done. Once the thought, the idea, the desire is caught, then faith with action takes it to fruition.

Sometimes we have to become very uncomfortable before we change. It has been said that we will accept and tolerate that which we are not prepared to change! I have seen this time and again in my practicing career. Walk away from the pain and towards the desire. Find the Desire, the Hope and let it inspire you to take action.

It starts with you. You might just need some help in identifying, Who, How, What and Why you are.

Then it’s time to find the desire, the hope and the vehicle that will allow you to get out of your pain and into your ideal life.

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