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“Job burnout is a prolonged response to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors on the job and is defined here by the three dimensions of exhaustion, cynicism, and sense of inefficacy …

Research has yielded new insights into the sources of stress, but effective interventions have yet to be developed and evaluated.” — Christina Maslach: 2003

I’m a fan of this work — AND — We can even look further

Hans Selye the Father of Stress said:

“Stress is the non specific reaction of the body to ANY demand placed upon it”

Notice the word — ANY — Not just emotional or interpersonal

So when we look at the overall picture we need to take into consideration — Any Demand

“The Dental Distress Syndrome” is part of this

Recognising Head, Neck and Back pain of dental origin

Most of us know how hard it is to work with a headache, an aching back or sore neck

Get rid of the pain and life becomes much happier

The source of the stressors can be from birth trauma to a poorly developed bite

An imbalance in the relationship between the jaw joints and the neck

That’s just for starters — The point is that there are structural stressors

People in the workplace also have these structural stressors and so they need to be addressed

Often by relieving what we can relieve — We reduce the load on the system


Stress is reduced.

The patient now out of pain copes better or even feels good about life and work

You can read more about this in a book I penned years ago

“Chill Out”

BUT — That’s not the point

The issue is how do we Bench Burnout

What steps can be taken — Physical, Mental, Financial and Spiritual

In order to bring about the desired result

As I have said before — This was all going to be presented in the “No Regrets Tour”

And it will be

Certainly a virtual event as online seems the only stable platform at present

That’s OK, we can reach more people this way and no need for anyone to travel

Now here’s the thing

I will be letting you know details of the Tour soon

In the meantime — If you have friends suffering Stress or Burnout

Share this with them — Let them know the event will be happening soon

I would love to share with as many people as possible — Do spread the word


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