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Why do we get caught up in the small stuff

Why do we let our attention be drawn to things of no consequence

Is it laziness that directs us to the easy option

Or lack of discipline that prevents us getting on with the job

Is it the incessant scrolling that numbs the brain or hours of telly

Is it envy of others that prevents us moving forwards

Or self pity that distracts us for hours

Is it lack of belief, worth, value in self, that prevents us evolving

Is it lack of self confidence and low esteem that robs us of the dreams

The visions, the hopes, the desires for a future that never comes.

We can ask the question a thousand times and there will always be another excuse.

Who’d have thought that there could be so many excuses and so many years lost

Who as a child would ever have thought that dreams weren’t real or the future bright

Exciting, vibrant, full of promise, ever hopeful, fun, thrilling, enthusiastic

Who would have thought that we would learn to be controlled by Stress

The reaction of the body to any demand placed upon it

Demands that take us from stress to distress — Ease to disease

Stress — The interrupter of life flow, the dam that stops your river, halts you progress

Stress — Insipid, crawls in slowly overtaking even the deepest recesses of the mind

Stress — Robbing us of all that is good and for too many, of life itself.

So overwhelmed —  We can only manage the small stuff, clouds engulf our mind

FOG — Envelops our ideas, fatigue saps us of enthusiasm and we join the realms of

The Living Dead — Still breathing – going through the motions but empty and estranged.

Depressing isn’t it yet there is GOOD NEWS — GREAT NEWS

If you’re willing it isn’t so tough to treat — You’ve just got to look in the right direction

Recognise an overall condition rather than specifics — Look at the bigger picture


Is it easy? Sometimes YES — Sometimes NO

Is it possible ? — YES

How do I know? — I’ve devoted the best years of my practicing life to it

History after history — Story after story — No two identical — BUT — Similar

I’ve made some changes, adjusted, fine tuned — reduced symptoms for my patients

Witnessed the CHANGE — Seen the results — AND — It’s not always what you expect

Does it require Inter-professional generosity? — Often

Did it require me ditching my professional ego? — Absolutely

Was it worth it? — Totally

So satisfying bringing people out of their FOGGY DAY…