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ADRIFT— Waiting for something to happen

Have you ever felt adrift – Maybe you’e experiencing this right now. Just drifting along, waiting for something to happen but you haven’t got a clue what it is. 

Life is sort of ok but you’ve hit a crossroads. Do you go straight on, continue doing what you are doing or alter course, change direction, look at something new.

I totally get this. I’ve been there many times with more than interesting results. I’ve faced burnout, boredom and desperation. I’ve looked for answers to help me balance the many facets of dentistry with a life outside the surgery. I’ve gone back time and time again. Now at last, technology has caught up and offers me options.  It’s no longer a case of either or — but AND. 

I do dentistry AND. 

Straight ahead is comfortable, safe and dare I say it a little boring. A part of you can’t believe you can stand more years of the same, but you have commitments, responsibilities, overheads!

What started out as an adventure is becoming mundane, it no longer holds the excitement and you’re in danger of slipping into mediocrity.

But, do you turn left or right, off the beaten track and try something new? It’s a risk but as they say “life’s a risky business, after all none of us get out of it alive!”

Yes it is a risk and if your commitments are great enough perhaps not a risk worth taking at least not all in. So what’s the alternative?

You’re pinned to the surgery, hemmed in by four walls and you want to be out travelling, experiencing the world and not just for a couple of weeks a years.

Stay where you are and risk burnout, leave and risk financial devastation.

So why not stay where you are, Niche down, reduce surgery time and take on a programme that allows you to work from anywhere. 

Right there, you could do three days in the surgery and four by the beach, in the snow or on the ocean and still be earning.

Best of both worlds. It takes a bit of education but you’re good at that. You might even get to the point where your secondary income supersedes dentistry and you can relax into a completely different lifestyle. Leave the drill and forceps behind, or just not worry about the income from dentistry and do it for the satisfaction of the job.

It’s not getting any easier out there, more qualifying less retiring. Demanding patients, the threat of litigation, policies and procedures, running a business and trying to be a clinician. It takes its toll, do it right and you can enjoy an amazing life, doing everything you want to do.

If you’re adrift, at a crossroads or in danger of burnout, take a look at the options. Do dentistry AND