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It’s a label not the whole pantry!

If there’s a problem with being a health professional it’s the label

When asked what I do — If I answer I’m a dentist — It’s end of conversation


I get an invitation to explore their oral cavity while sipping my drink or tucking into canapés

I’ve been in the healthcare business for many years — and — This is how I would talk about it

The health business — niche it down — I’m a dentist — one of many subspecies in the industry


Let’s turn that around! I’m in “The Business of Health”

This is completely different — It doesn’t depend on any profession rather it is reliant on truths

The Business of health starts with WATER…

Air is a free commodity, water on the other hand we purchase

It is an absolute necessity, up there with air — three days without it and we’re stuffed!

So now when asked what I do — I reply “I’m in the Business of Health”

I promote water  — Electrolysed reduced water — antioxidant rich water

I promote a device that supplies this water.

I promote a shower unit that rids the water of toxins — Specifically chlorine

I promote water as a healthcare provider because I am in the Business of Health.

I recognise  that water is fundamental to life,

many of the diseases we see today are as a direct result of dehydration and inflammation.

As a Dental Surgeon I acknowledge that

One of the primary sites and causes of systemic inflammation is the mouth.

So when people say I hate tap water — I can’t get my child to drink it

I get itchy skin after a shower — My scalp is dry — I suffer psoriasis or eczema

My breath is rank — My mouth is dry — my teeth are filmy

Then I go to my first truth in health — Drink plenty of clean, good tasting water!

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