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There’s so much Noise! 

This morning sitting in my office I could hear the trucks and workmen out on the road, finishing the new curb on our street — Noise

a lawn mower fires up — the smell of fresh cut grass — Noise

A council truck rushes by, it’s breaks squeak as it slows — Noise

Facebook scrolling, reading, reviewing, listening — Noise

Phones ringing, text messages dinging, e-mails invading — Noise

The voice in my head — Loud, constant, unrelenting — Noise

Advice, tips, mentors, schemes, webinars, promises — Noise

Who do you listen to? 

What do you listen to? — An ambulance siren somewhere in the city, cuts through my thoughts — Noise — Why would you listen?

Paper Bills, online Bills, text messages with Bills — Noise  — Constant chatter in the head, what do I pay, who do I pay, how do I survive — Noise

Credit cards, percentage rates, frequent flyers points — Noise — All Noise — Have you noticed just how loud life has become?

 Constant questions, constant internal dialogue, rapid, repeated, circling thoughts that just become  — Noise

We wonder why we get stressed, TV, Ads, Reality Shows, Sport, News — Noise

What are we looking for? The magic bullet, the blue pill, the elixir of life — The vibrance, enthusiasm, unwavering optimism of youth — why not…


The calm, the steady, the rock of experience, that has done the miles, celebrated the successes and the failures — Counted the cost  


With a remembrance of Vibrance — Enthusiasm — Unwavering Optimism and Clarity 


A Certainty, a Definiteness of Purpose, 

A Desire born of HOPE — Help Other People Evolve.

You can keep looking, keep scrolling, searching for the next shiny new object — Noise


Cut through the Hype — Ignore the Voices — Still the noise   

Spend a little quiet, reflective, objective time perusing what we are doing to create the 

QUALITY OF PEACE — that comes with the security of knowing you have found a way out.

It’s not that you won’t have challenges, adversity or bills to pay. Rather it will be that you will gain insight on ways to deal with these challenges, opening the mind to new possibilities, new direction and renewed enthusiasm. 

It’s time to take action, stand against the noise, refuse to let it rule your life — Instead refresh your mind, feed your soul, listen to your heart and if you are ready, only if you are ready…

Ready to change, to choose a path less travelled, to review what we are doing?

Scroll to the bottom, take a look at some of our content, fill in the form and I’ll get back to you.

It’s time for the professions to work together, understand our commonality of purpose and our ultimate need for calm within our environment.