You are currently viewing Rush Hour??? There must be more to life than this

Rush Hour??? There must be more to life than this

Life slowed down there for a while — It had to

But now — For many it’s returning to some semblance of normal

Many are reported  preferring to work from home than have the commute

Others just wish they had a choice to do something different

The Eternal Question emerges…

Surely there must be more to life than this?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

I know I have — Many times until eventually I thought the question needed answering

I had to go out and find “The More” — And I have.

You see it’s possible to find it, embrace it, accept it and live it

It’s not without its challenges — It’s a journey, not a destination – well that’s what I’ve discovered

I thought if I could just find “The More” that would be it — Easy

Not quite — Once you find it you have to commit to it — That took me a while

Work commitments — Family commitments — Fear — Procrastination — Doubt

All played a part in hampering my more — But I keep going — It is a non-negotiable

It has happened — it is happening —  and —  It will happen

It starts with a simple question — Is there more to life than this?

Is there more that I’m here to do than what I am currently doing

Am I on purpose, living on purpose, thriving on purpose or just existing

Putting in the hours — Doing the thing — Being sensible — Playing the game

Abiding by the rules but slowly dying on the inside.

The Searcher — The Seeker — The Adventurer — The Desirer for MORE

I want to work with you — Help you where I can — teach some basics

Introduce you to my latest book — “The More, The Diamond Principle”

I’ve agonised on how to market it — To the masses or the real searchers?

I have decided on the latter — It’s important — You are important

The dream, the vision, the purpose, the calling, and the clarity

To bring it to fruition — That’s what it’s all about — To live it!

Photo by form PxHere