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Isn’t that where many dreams remain — On the shelf

 Left in the “ONE DAY” Department

No Hope of realisation

Really? No hope — there’s always hope — Just got to know where to look

 A while ago my daughter was talking to me about a friend of her’s

A friend who has a passion and a purpose — she wants to be a nurse

All things were working out well — Getting her finances ready  — Yeah got a pay rise

All monies destined for the purpose — to take her through her tuition

So excited — The dream was going to happen — Plans made

Expectations high — Motivated — Energetic — Enthusiastic

The dream, the vision was going to become a reality


A rent hike — An increase that would swallow up the rise — Crush the dream

From high to low to hopeless — AND — That’s before interest rates increase

Utility bills take a jump — Inflation kicks in full force — Hopeless


It’s not — It’s all about perspective.

The job is great but it’s not enough to support the dream

So why not a Supporting Purpose Project — a project designed to take up the slack

Not built to make millions that would distract from the dream — But enough

Enough to equal her pay and keep going

A project that doesn’t consume all her working hours — Just enough to hit the target

Enough to continue her dream — Live her purpose — Embrace her Why  — Her Calling

That’s what I’d be telling her…

Haven’t many of us left our dreams on a shelf in the ONE DAY DEPARTMENT

It doesn’t have to be — Go for a SPB — Supporting Purpose Business

Drop it into the framework — As part of the overall approach to The MORE

The MORE where reside the 3 elements that define your purpose

A purpose with action supported by a business — Not a job — Not a Distraction

It’s all about perspective — Go the old way — No hope

Find a new way — Hope and the realisation of the Dream 

It’s all in the MORE and the No regrets Masterclass

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