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Burnout — Running on Empty

It’s already Boxing Day.

The festivities are over, the hectic last minute shopping, wrapping, decorating and cooking — Done.

 Now somehow it all feels empty.

Family are asleep or gone home!

The fun of the last few days leaves a hiatus —And —

A time to think, to reflect on the last year

To look forward to the year ahead — But — There’s an emptiness and isolation.

Last year a hard year, seemed harder than the year before

The hopes and dreams more distant

Isolation and burden replaces the sunny disposition

It’ll be fine once back at work — You Say!

Didn’t you say that last year?

So will it?

 Will a life in practice really fill the void, replenish the energy

Revitalise life — or — Will it just be more of the same?

“Burnout comes from trying too hard, for too long to do something that has long passed its due by date.”

As you ponder the question, is there more to life than this?

Did I make the wrong choice?

Is the profession really for me?

Is there  — MORE?


The More comes from the heart – It fulfils the need

It feeds the desire of the heart, the hope, the dream.

The More is to be Found, to be Fought for, to be Focused on

The More, is there for each of us and as you seek it

Make this promise to yourself —

I promise that I will without fail find one hour everyday to move towards my More

I promise that everyday will be a step forwards, great or small

I promise that I will always give my best in this endeavour

I promise that I will seek help rather than give up

I promise that I will not let old excuses defeat me

I promise that I will do this for ME because

I have a dream, a vision a reality that I want to obtain

I have dared to imagine a future of financial freedom, work freedom, family time, travel, the best home, a life of my dreams. It is my More.

I make this promise daily at the beginning and end of my hour. 

You don’t have to continue to do something that makes you unhappy

Live an exceptional life by tapping into your MORE…