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After the Storm

I wrote this post a few days ago, just before what I wrote became a reality…


“Imagine that you had to stay at home

Going to work no longer an option, jobs shut down, offices closed, no pay!

We are living with that possibility — Right Now!

Would you survive?

Stuck at home could you work?

Have you ever thought about it, perhaps even dreamed about it

But thought No it’s not possible — Not for me — I just couldn’t

Well it is, and the sooner we understand this the less we will be controlled by life’s events

It’s at times like this that we stop to reflect

Will we survive financially? If yes then how long for?

It’s time to look at the options, act Quickly, Decisively and SECURE A FUTURE!

That time is NOW…”

There was more to it but as I reflect now I wonder what about


What then? Will it be business as usual — or — Will life have changed as we know it?

Will practices go back to the way they were immediately or will there be a hiatus

Will people be running scared — or — Simply checking their bank balance

No pain, put the dentist on hold

This is our reality and I think it is time to take stock and see what else we could be doing

To protect ourselves — our families — our businesses and secure a future

Independent of our primary business — If you’re not working right now then you have the time

Time to see what’s on offer and just how to create security from your home.

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