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The London Syndrome

It seems like a lifetime ago now and I suppose for many it is.

Back in about 1985 I started treating headaches

I was amazed at how many people got theirs over the weekend


Not caused by alcohol — They’d be fine all week

Then Saturday morning they’d wake with a corker — Bed ridden, darkened room, day wasted

Sunday time to recuperate

Monday back to work — Only to repeat the following weekend.

Yes I could treat their stress — Work with the bite — Balance it and the neck at the same time


What was really going on? THE LONDON SYNDROME…

Then it dawned on me. They changed their routine — sleep in Saturday morning – Headache

Get up at the same time as during the week — No Headache — It was simple

I wasn’t popular but it worked!

The change in routine caused the headache — The reduction in stress caused the headache

Another sleep cycle initiated — Another headache weekend

There’s no doubt the daily trip to London, hours on the train, packed with commuters

A stressful job and overcrowded city were the real cause — But this could be coped with

If sleep cycles were regular.


Quality of life — Was it really worth it — Is it worth it.

A lot of people will have enjoyed working from home in the past few months

Stress levels down although fear of going broke a real threat — Headaches reduced

Why not work form home — Why not find a purpose driven job that pays well — From home

Why not design your life rather than having it designed for you?

All will be explained

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