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The central theme of my work both clinically and academically has been the study and treatment of stress from a dental perspective. While treatment was aimed very much at structural integrity and its impact on the system, I also  looked at stress from other viewpoints and found ways of benefiting my patients either through my own work or by referral.

Running through the work on this blog you will notice a tendency to look at ‘The cry for more. To get more out of life.’

 I came to understand that many people’s stress levels were impacted by what they had chosen to do with their lives. 

While many seemed content with their work/life choices many were not. Stuck in a job they didn’t like and going nowhere. 

Don’t get me wrong, this has nothing to do with success, I have seen many highly successful people in this condition. If at some point you decide to work with me and the ‘Diamond Principle’ you will get a different perspective on success — Very revealing. 

No —  These people just had a knowing deep inside that they were destined for ‘More’ in life.

That they couldn’t identify that ‘More’ I felt was central to their ongoing stress and distress. 

This fascinated me. There I was reducing people’s stress, increasing their ability to cope with life, expanding their functional envelope but not helping them solve the core issue of their discontent, frustration, overwhelm, depression, stress and cyclical burnout. 

Their need to discover and do what they were called to do, their own life’s work. 

Being stressed out is not conducive to a good life and neither is it a place from which creativity and flow can emanate. 

I think the ‘big quit’ the ‘great resignation’ is proof of this with people having found the time to reflect on life and finding it wanting. 

Many prepared to leave their old job with nothing solid ahead or just moving into the same role with a different company assuming that somehow this will solve their problem, rather than identifying their purpose and being bold enough to step into it.

This then is central to my own work and calling, as I aim to help you the reader, the searcher, the seeker, the traveller to discover that call, understand the elements that define purpose and move into it. Resolving stress at a completely different level. 

For those of you who wish to know more beyond this blog: 

Please fill in your details on the form at the bottom of the page and I will come back to you and also show you how to access the masterclass.

 If not then I trust that you enjoy these musings as they continue to be written.

Thanks for joining me and here’s to a life of meaning, creativity and purpose.