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So you’ve always wanted to be a dentist – What else?

Strange question? — Not really!

There’s a distinct lack of confidence in the NHS — Particularly for dentists

I left it except for a brief couple of years back in 1985 — Yet I loved the service

No better way to serve the people except — I couldn’t do it my way

Great for emergency, drill or fill but I had moved into TMJ and I wanted to do it right

No half measures, no cutting corners — One way — The right way

Eventually I left and came to Australia — A private system that allowed me to practice

Well sort of allowed me to practice my way — Health funds don’t cough up for TMJ

Not enough to make it viable — Patients complain about the cost — geared to the funds

Just like the NHS

No perfect system I guess — So what else

We have trained to do the job — We are professionals but when we are ruled by those who aren’t

Who don’t have our degree, don’t have our experience and certainly don’t see life our way

What can we do — Look for what else

What else can I do for work — what other source of income

Is it possible to niche down in dentistry — Do less — earn more and

DO something else — Perhaps something that supports my dentistry

So I don’t have to increase my fees, don’t have to compromise on equipment

Don’t have to buy cheaper!

We weren’t taught this in Dental School — To think outside the box

To do what we want to do and something else — It’s been all or nothing


It doesn’t have to be — there’s a way to niche — Do what you love and something else

You just need to find the “What Else”


Do it before you are burned out!

Do it before you are totally disillusioned!

Do it before your fully hooked with no way out!

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