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I first retired at 68, couldn’t really afford to, but it had to come sometime and everything was aching. I lasted approximately 10 weeks before I started to go stir crazy and poor! 

So I went back, part time, to plan and work on a real exit strategy. I’m not the only one,  I have a colleague who recently, at the age of 68 has just set up a practice. 

The question is why do we do it? As part of the research I was doing for my latest book, I wanted to know why. A google search informed me that on average American dentists retire 7 years later than the average American! 

Now I’m not in the US so maybe it’s different around the world, but certainly not for me!

The research highlighted a variety of problems that we face. If it had been a test I think I would have got my first 100% ever.

Great so here I was, a statistic. I’d followed the game, even though I didn’t know I was playing and certainly didn’t know the rules.

I came out of dental school and after a brief time as a houseman, migrated into an associate position. I learned from the boss about dentistry, but nothing on the financial front,  I just got on with it! 

Who needed financial advice, I was working, earning really well,  so why did I need to worry? 

What problems did I encounter and how can they be fixed later in life? 

Additionally, how can you avoid these challenges by learning from my experience?

 – Do I have an exit strategy? Yes.

 – Am I still active and ambitious? Yes.

 – Do I want to sit idly and wait for the grim reaper to call? No.

What is the solution? I’d love to tell you, just fill in your details so I can send you an e-book.

If you’re not a dentist, this information applies to you too.