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Toxic Bite — Toxic Life

The last 18 years have been somewhat of a whirlwind, this year totally so. It only seems like yesterday that Phillip Day of Credence Publications asked me whether I would like to write a book on all things toxic in dentistry. The result — “Toxic Bite an investigation into truth decay!”

I jumped at the chance.

It gave me the opportunity to write about what I considered important at the time. While some of my views may have changed and quite rightly so, I was thrilled when I received my first copy.

Even more thrilled when people started buying it! More often than not it was the mums purchasing, looking for answers, looking to protect their loved ones.

Due diligence is often talked about and I think mums do it best. They are the ones who read labels in shops, look at alternatives for an allergic child and move mountains searching for answers to the myriad of problems that we see on a day to day basis in practice.

Sure it is understood that sugary foods cause tooth decay and poor oral hygiene practice results in gum disease. These are unfortunately the ordinary things of life.

However mums with children who suffer constant headaches, ear infections, sinus problems, skin issues, snore at night, poor sleep patterns, grind their teeth, have growing pains, look further. Many never knowing that there are answers to be found in “Toxic Bite.”

No this is not a sales pitch for the book!

Rather it is a shout out to people looking for sustainability and a non toxic home environment!

I’ve been recommending non toxic dental products, dental procedures and good clean drinking water for years. Now this course expands on just what is possible.

A FOUR DAY ONLINE COURSE —  Being run mainly by mums. Mums who are fervent in their belief and desire to offer the best solutions for their children and their environment. Women who have done their due diligence and are now keen to get the message out there.

This is what you are going to learn:

  • Day 1 — How to Reduce your Plastic Footprint
  • Day 2 — How to reduce chemicals in your home
  • Day 3 — How to become sustainable long term
  • Day 4 — A conscious and sustainable Living solution

Take a look. Here’s the link to register.

If you are truly looking for a place to start, sustainability for you and yours then hit the link to register.

Our world has been ravaged this year, now is the time to rebuild!


Oh and by the way “Toxic Bite” the e-book can be found at: