You are currently viewing WHOSE LIFE ARE YOU LIVING?


‘Mine of course’ — You say!  — Who else’s could it be right?

Well that’s what I thought and of course you’re right — It is your life


Was it the one you designed or was it designed for you

I remember as a child day dreaming of my adult life

Right down to the car I would drive — Yes I know too many movies!

Yes I’ve had a few beers in this pub – Yes this was the dream car – but I digress!

I went through school, University and into work with the dream

For me it would be the country practice, the open road and the soft top

No more city life after 5 years in London — Give me the fields

The country pubs, the scent of honey suckle in the cool of a summer’s evening

As the hangars closed on another day of flying

The family home, a cottage of sorts, open fire, golden lab, children playing

Idilic? Absolutely and it was until it wasn’t! I was building the dream

Then someone came and offered me his dream — His vision for the future

It seemed so romantic, enticing, travel the world, relocate, do the job

An opportunity too good to miss — BUT — It wasn’t my dream it was his!

How often have you heard, if you don’t build your own dream

You will spend your life building someone else’s. 

It’s been the mantra of many companies enticing you into their dream

A dream fuelled by the idea that you can create your own future

And — You can

But it has to align with your dream, your design, your vision

It has to be on your terms, within your reality not someone else’s

You see before you set out on the entrepreneurial endeavour or a profession

A trade — a vocation it’s worth looking at the map first

Your map — To be certain you are going in your intended direction

Once you are sure of the destination you can embark on the trip

Keeping your vision, your dream your reality focused

Not — Confused by what others are doing

Not comparing yourself to them

Not wanting what they have at the expense of your dream

Not being enticed, romanced, persuaded or cajoled

But building your own reality — Your own place in society — On your terms

So the thought for the day?

“Unless it is beneficial, don’t let other people bring their reality into your life!”