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True Value – Above the Competition

“Give every man more in use value than you take from him in cash value, then you are adding to the life of the world by every business transaction.”  Wallace Wattles.

As workers we are in service to the community we care for. This service has a value. The true value of this service is the benefit people get from what we provide. In return we are paid for our service.

No matter your job, you are offering a service. If you are employed your boss has decided your worth and your value. Some pay well, others pay you just enough to keep you, in return for you working just hard enough not to get the sack. This is a cynical evaluation, I have worked with many nurses who loved their work and were happy to give of their time and talents and get paid well for this. If you are self employed then essentially you have bought yourself a job.

Either way the questions arises. Are you being authentic to yourself? Are you truly giving more in service than you take in cash value. If you are employed this may well be the case. You may earn millions for your company and be a paid a wage that in no way reflects the value you have given to the company. As long as you are happy with what you are doing, then this is the perfect relationship. But if you are unhappy, dragging yourself into the office day by day, thinking there must be more to life than this, then just perhaps it’s time to make a change. The same if you are self employed, do you love it enough to stay with it or do you want more?

Let me give you an example of more value than received in cash. I run a 3 day seminar. Your investment into the seminar would be for the example $3000. You could say that ’s a lot of money and I would say, but look at the value of the service I offer. The only requirement of you is that you implement what you have learned! If you do then you will have paid less in cash than the value I have given you.

How can this be? Do the maths, lets look at your ROI.

This seminar teaches you a skill set that firstly allows you to identify yourself, find out what makes you tick, and realise the uniqueness of you. Is this important? Absolutely, if you don’t know how you operate, then how do you expect to live a life that flows? Secondly you learn how to run a simple business that has the ability to turn that $3000 into a 6 figure income per year. Lets say $100,000 per annum for 25 years, your return on investment would be $2.5 million.

If you invested that same $3000 in the bank at today’s rate, your ROI after 25 years would be $12,876.00! Now I understand that you didn’t have to work for that money but if you understood the return, wouldn’t you want to work for the lifestyle that $2.5 million could afford you?


As we know money is a fiat currency, backed by nothing. Use it as a means of recognising your value. The more value you offer, the bigger your bank balance and the better your quality of life. Value has meaning, it is purpose driven. You are in your flow, doing life your way and on your terms. You are adding value to the community you serve, and feeling good about it.

We sweat so much over the bottom line. If we are fixated on money, then we are not looking at value. It is value that creates the income. It is that value that defines our worth.

What does it take to stand out, to create and rise above the competition rather than mix with it?

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