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Ask any pilot, what happens when you run out of lift — you’re nose high and about to stall

(OK you can stall in straight and level by reducing power — Not the point)

Either you address the problem or crash and burn

Drop the nose — Increase the power if required — return to straight and level flight

Most training aircraft are equipped with a Stall Warner

Heed the warning — Take the appropriate action and the problem is averted

So far I haven’t met anyone fitted with such a device — The best we often have is a partner

Someone who recognises we are in danger of the stall


Not always — Often we suffer alone — Nose up — High demands on self

Impending stall — No warner unless we recognise the symptoms

Exhaustion — Cynicism — Professional inefficacy

Waking tired, living tired, pushing through regardless

Feeling negative about the job — Life — Relationships

Negative self evaluation — That voice in the head that says we are no good

Not up to muster — Not pulling the weight — Not realising our potential

Failing — Worthless — Need I go on? NO!

If you’re suffering the impending stall — You know how this relates to you

So what do you do — Can’t afford to ditch the job — Too many responsibilities

Can’t get help need the money for the kids — Mum’s go to the back of the queue

Can’t take time for self — That’s selfish — AND — The demands continue

The struggle becomes unbearable — Acute/Chronic stress

Lower the nose — Take a look around — Life is still there

So you’ve got yourself into the wrong job — Doing something that’s not fun — Perhaps even

Boring — Mundane — In an environment you no longer enjoy


You’ve lowered the nose — This allows you to look around — See what your options are

Positive thinking — coping mechanisms — even professional interventions

May only be a bandaid — Allowing you to keep going

Solutions come when you look around — realise you are not doing what you want to do

Recognising what you really truly want — The desire of your heart — Your calling

Understanding why you want it — when you want it by — Preferably before the stall


How you’re going to get it

Yes that’s part of the “No Regrets Tour” — The Diamond Principle — The “More”

The Diamond Principle focuses on how you are going to get it — Fun really

It’s on it’s way — I’ll keep you posted — Just finalising the method of delivery

Keep well — Lower the nose

Catch you soon

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