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Higher Dentistry

By raising your level of awareness you can practice a higher level of dentistry, Rise above the competition.

The results:

  • Increased job satisfaction
  • More complete work life balance
  • Patient appreciation
  • Personal understanding and recognition
  • Whole team involvement in the pursuit of your Purpose … (WHY)
  • Organic increase in the bottom line – You get paid more!
  • Friends!!!

Stop focusing on the problem, focus on the solution.

Financial issues, marriage problems, work disputes, kids playing up. We all talk about these things, we compare notes and as David Hawkins so aptly said:  — WE ENJOY BEING IMPOVERISHED and this is what it is…

Once we know the problem, why not focus on the possible SOLUTIONS. What do I mean by this, well let’s take your job as a dentist. A patient comes to see you and tells you he’s got toothache. You agree, do nothing  and send him home. You do this everyday. He comes in, tells you he’s got toothache, you agree with him, do nothing and send him home.

At what point does he realise that telling you he’s got a problem, doesn’t solve the problem. Not long, probably the next day, when he realises you’re an idiot and he needs to see someone who can – solve his problem…


The practice is having a problem. Corporates moved down the road and all your patients are jumping ship because they’re cheaper. Doesn’t take long before you recognise that not only do you have a lack of patients, you have debt.

Everyday you tell yourself you have debt, you focus on your debt, you tell others you’re broke, can’t afford it, need to close down, file for bankruptcy.  Everyday you tell yourself about the problem but not about the solution.

It took me a while to realise that when they talk about the law of attraction, this is actually what they mean. If you focus on the problem then that’s what you get. REWIRE THE BRAIN, focus on the solution and what do you get?

  • A solution!  – NOT Rocket Science?

Hard times don’t stop, there are always challenges, but if you see every one as a perpetual problem, then that’s what you have, a long list of problems, and let’s face it as Dentists, we’re problem solvers!

So with this problem what are you going to do? You have an expensive practice, running costs, your staff to pay, bills to pay, your mortgage, your car the list goes on. You can focus on these and totally spin out. On the other hand you can look for a solution.

This starts with you.

“You’re success will be directly proportional to the work you do on yourself.”  (Bill Kellner-Read)

Why not build a niche practice, one that offers things corporate just can’t and climb above the competition, where it is no longer a threat, where you offer something unique, that they can’t compete with.


As one of my mentors, Dr Aelred Fonder; DDS, author of “the Dental Physician” said:

The fact remains true: We do not alleviate pain, we do not prescribe medication for diseased tissue, we do not substitute for missing tissue, we do not correct disorders, alone: we minister to a person, a unity.

As a sole or small group practice, you have the edge over the corporates, you just have to know What it is, WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU AND YOUR TEAM and How to implement it.