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When my Dad retired I asked him a simple question

“Dad what did you do in your career that you could share with other doctors?”

I had this idea that he could find other medical retirees and write a book

‘Tips and tricks they didn’t teach you in medical school’ — The book didn’t get written

Now I’ve retired from clinical dentistry — I ask myself the same question

‘What tips and tricks could I share with you?’

Things — You didn’t learn in Dental School

Maybe you know everything I know — Maybe

However the experiences of clinical dentistry come with time 


On the shoulder’s of those who have gone before

There are of course techniques I could share and I can

BUT – beyond that

 – There are ways of looking at a patient you may not have considered

 – There are ways of looking at yourself in dentistry that you may not know

 – There are ways of sharing your patients for their best interest

 – And there is a little known technique that shows your patients you really care

Did I wish I knew this stuff day One — Naturally

Would it have flattened the learning curve somewhat — Totally

Would it have encouraged me when I was feeling down and defeated —Absolutely

So in retirement — Do I put my feet up and forget it all 


Push to find an audience who just might appreciate the musings of an older colleague

So I have a question for you — So you want to go private, what makes you different?

What do you have to offer beyond being more thorough and having more time?

What is your wow factor?

What makes your patients raving evangelists for you?

How do you prevent stress and burnout?


And what am I explaining in the photo? Drop your thoughts when you fill in your details. Be kind!

That’s just some of the the stuff we will cover.

Interested, Go to contacts, fill in your details and I’ll get back to you.