You are currently viewing EXTRAORDINARY — It’s impossible until it’s not!

EXTRAORDINARY — It’s impossible until it’s not!

Extraordinary is a journey, not a destination.

As I consider the years of practice, the accomplishments I realise that all that I did was

Extraordinary —Until it became common place and then ordinary

As we accomplish we go from not knowing how to — Extraordinary

To achieving it where Extraordinary becomes ordinary

Do we dwell here or go further

The Extraordinary journey is to never just accept the ordinary and stay in it

The Extraordinary journey demands that we go further

Once we could crawl but not walk — To walk was Extraordinary then ordinary.

Once we could walk but not yet run, to run was Extraordinary then ordinary

We accept these things as normal and to be enjoyed

But life without Extraordinary becomes ordinary.

Before I could fly to achieve it I believed was Extraordinary

Then I learned to fly and it became normal so what next?

Before I was a dentist to remove a tooth, pick up a drill, diagnose a problem was Extraordinary

Then it became common place, routine — I needed to strive for more, achieve more, learn more

Keep the Extraordinary going

Finding your passion, your purpose your direction and pursuing it is Extraordinary

To keep it Extraordinary is the constant challenge, resting on your laurels is ordinary.

So how do we explore our Extraordinary — we go out and do it

We wake with the intention of being extraordinary

Not that we have achieved it


Forgetting all that is past, stretch forward, really stretch for the upward call

The prize, the life of extraordinary — The Calling of which we are called

As have the greatest of athletes, businessmen, missionaries, artists — ever stretching for better

So what is an Extraordinary life for you

Only you can go after it.

Have a great 2021 — Be Extraordinary!