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Niche, Boutique and Personal

Recently I was reading an article on sub specialties and niche dentistry. The article talked about the concerns around insurance companies and corporate dentistry pushing out the smaller players. Yet there was a positive note – one that I have personally experienced – and that is:


Not driven by numbers, but rather by the experience.

The corporate/insurance model – high turn over, low price = low perceived value – vs. the Boutique Model – patient centred, patient focused, individual, personal = high perceived value!

In this fast paced life there is still room for the personalised approach. Our bodies, soma and psyche, have yet to catch up with the computerised pace of life. We have a need to slow down, be taken care of, have our worries understood, our foibles recognised. The body is reacting to the pressure of modern day life, reacting to any demand placed upon it. Going from ease to disease, stress to distress – and this includes dentistry!

Visiting the dentist is already stressful and we are witnessing more and more stressed patients coming through our doors. This stress is cumulative. Yet approached in the right way – the niche way – can result in us reducing this, rather than adding to it. Using our listening skills, our powers of observation and our dental knowledge, we have the ability to really help our patients and build a unique niche market place, from which we can earn a great living while offering exceptional value and a personalised service.