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The List – Benching Burnout

I was just trying to remember the conversation that went

“Before you choose your career path — Design your life path — Or accept second best”

Er — Nope it didn’t happen — (I do remember Colonal Ball suggesting I was no scientist)

Well I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to settle for second best would I? Ummmh

Imagine — A Life Path by Design — Well at least a well considered — STARTING POINT !

This was a question posed to me years ago by Dr Del — An eminent psychologist

“Did you write your list”  she asked— List — What list?

She had listed the ten things she wanted in a man — She settled for nine

Cold I thought — Now with dating sites asking the same questions I realise she was right

What questions would I have asked myself — What would my list have looked like

I must confess I had it in my minds eye — Just didn’t commit it to paper so promptly forgot

Forgot when the next shiny object came along

  • What do I want out of life — What are my natural tendencies — What am I good at
  • What fascinates me — I got that one right — Physical, Mental and Financial Health
  • What do I love most about life — Indoors, Outdoors —  A combination of both
  • Active or passive — Sporty active, bookworm passive or a combo
  • Open spaces or closed spaces — Beach, Town or Country
  • Grass — concrete — or astro turf
  • Sea — Land or Air
  • Flat land or hills and mountains
  • Jungle or concrete jungle
  • Blonde, brunette or really dark
  • Blue eyes, Brown, black, green — You know the rest — BUT — Did you design it
  • A preference for Repetition or Variety — Exotic, comfortable or cosy
  • Life on the edge or play it safe

You get the point right?

SO when it comes to “Benching Burnout” — Is it back to the drawing board?

Isn’t Stress and Burnout a combination of factors that results in living out of flow

At odds with ourselves and the world — I know this is not the official definition but go with me

I’ve seen and treated many people suffering these conditions

So — What drawing board — I certainly set off without one!

Take a good long hard look at the choices that have landed you here

I’m not suggesting throwing out the baby with the bathwater

Rather taking inventory — Reminding yourself of what is important to you

If you’ve climbed the wrong ladder it’s ok — There’s still time

If you’re overwhelmed I get it — Totally — Seen it so many times — AND — Experienced it often!

But imagine the review process — No blame — It is as it is — Now is the time to find a solution

Burnout temporary or cyclical has to be addressed and life has to be lived — Not in dread


In the JOY that at last you are doing what you want to do — Believe to do — Were called to do

That’s how I came to design the “Diamond Principle” — I needed an answer and I wasn’t getting it

Hey it’s a journey — Don’t judge me by my progress — It has taken a while


A great deal of — UNLEARNING — Recognising Defeating Patterns, Beliefs and Saboteurs

Being deaf to the nay sayers — the negative influencers — The charitable safety Marshals

Quieting my Regulator — Listening to my Disruptor — I cover these two on the Tour

As I do the Diamond Principle and the concept of “The More”

Is any of this you? Can you relate — I’d rather get to you before burnout — Stress Overload


I’ll take the seekers, the searchers, the inquisitive and those who want a REDESIGN

Those who yearn for “More”

If that’s you, if you’re at the crossroads — Facing the uncertainty — Unsure of Direction

If you’re concerned about going from “Stress to Distress, Ease to Disease”

From being able to cope to falling off the edge — Then now’s the time

I’m nearly ready to share

Interested to learn more — Let me know — Drop me a Yes — Send me a pigeon

Fill in your details on the form below — I’ll be in touch

Stay tuned — We’ll get there…