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Look Up

If you feel your mind is racing right now — You’re absolutely not alone

There is so much uncertainly in the world, lockdown, open up, lockdown again

Doesn’t seem like anyone can get it right.

Amongst all this we still have to carry on — The secure jobs have gone — Dreams shelved

Uncertainty reigns and a desire for security heightens. In fact it would seem that we are oscillating

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs could see us moving between the first three levels.

Physiologic needs — Will I be able to feed the family — Keep a roof over our heads

Are we secure, safely employed or is life hanging in the balance — AND

Are we allowed a social life —OF —  Intimacy, Friendship, Family, Belonging.

All that we took for granted clouded by an event that has gripped the world.

Anyone could be forgiven for letting fear in and dreading tomorrow

No end in sight — Leaves even the strong clinging vainly to hope.

So with all this going on where can we go — Do we keep oscillating or — LOOK UP!

Level four talks of Esteem, Self Confidence, Self Reliance, Self Worth

Perhaps believing before seeing — having faith to step out — DO THE DREAM

Realise all that has sat inside, resolutely shelved because we’ve too busy

Because we’ve been told, you can’t — you shouldn’t — you mustn’t

You’re not clever enough — bright enough — resourceful enough

You’re a dreamer, head in the clouds, face facts get on with your job — get real!

Be one of the crowd — Follow the norm — BUT — you can’t —The norm has gone.

What an OPPORTUNITY — to — RISE UP and be all you ever wanted to be.

You see many will see this time as one of disaster and in a way it is

BUT — It doesn’t have to define you — You don’t have to fit in.

Right now you could be planning an alternative future — One that you control

Freeing yourself from the primary needs as described — It can be your TIME

Time to make a decision — Land the Vision, the Dream, the Desire of the Heart

Find what’s in you or what’s out there that can support your dream

Don’t look down — Look up

Don’t drown in fear and procrastination — Look up

Believe in yourself, trust yourself — Look up

If you are a person of prayer — Look up and pray

For guidance — Direction — Initiative — an opening of the mind

An unveiling of the eyes — an embracing of the issues of your heart — Look up

AND — As you do, as you take on responsibility, the levels below will be taken care of!

I am with you — I believe in you — I know what opportunities are there

Reach out — I’ll share — that’s why I’m here.

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