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Recently I read an article written by  an industry leader. 

It touched me so deeply that I had to share just a part of it with you. I don’t know where you are or what you are doing, I don’t know whether this message resonates with you or just passes you by. 

What I do know is that this is a time unlike any other in our lifetime, it is a time of change, a time of difference, a time when people are waking up to what they really truly want in life, not what they are told to want. 

It’s a time to take control rather than be controlled, it’s a time to discover meaning, purpose and significance and it’s a time to let go of the old paradigm and step into what is right and true for you.

He wrote:

‘The sooner you make peace with your purpose and calling that this opportunity is in fact home and show up in service, contribution and unwavering commitment every single day….

The sooner the pieces will fall into place, the right opportunities and people will present themselves to you and you will have faith that it’s all happening perfectly in divine timing for you.


As the world continues to experience massive challenges – we are the chosen ones to extend a hand, lock arms and show people the way out of their pain and misery into abundance and prosperity with true health.

No matter where you are currently in life, and what happened – let it go. 

Forgive yourself for the past, it’s okay. You’re human.

We all get lost sometimes – but we must continue moving forward regardless.

We are in a transition period from good times to hard times… 

But we are in a position to help people go from hard times to great times if we get laser focused and take massive action on what truly matters.’

Balazs K

Hard times to great times. In the time that we have left, isn’t it important to truly do what we feel called to do. Isn’t it time to find a way of doing this, supporting this and supporting our family. Isn’t it time to drop the facade, the brave face, the mediocre and step up. 

Hard times to great times. We can wait on the sidelines and hope, we can watch others and dream or we can step into the deep, take a leap of faith and DO.

We would love to share the business opportunity that he called ‘home’ with you. 

If you are wondering what to do next, if you are part of the big quit, the great resignation, or at a time in life when you are thinking ‘There must be more to life than this.’

 Perhaps you are older and looking for something else to do, to support your lifestyle, back up your pension,  give you purpose and a way to serve back into the community that is significant. 

Then we would encourage you to take a look and if what we have is for you, then let us help you achieve by helping others to achieve and turn those hard times into great times. 

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I’ll get back to you.