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The Worth – Value Equation

“Only you decide your worth, others decide your value, it is this combination that ultimately determines your income.” Bill Kellner-Read

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself this question? What am I worth? You can decide the price of your wares, high, low, dictated to by  companies, or by your peers. This isn’t your worth, it’s purely a price suggested to you by the industry in general. Perhaps ask the question a different way. What value do I put on my life, what is my life worth to me and what am I prepared to do, to ensure that I live my worth? You see worth is the value you place on your time.

Time stops for no man! Procrastination, distraction, social media and TV use up time. Time, so precious can never be recaptured, while it may be infinite, your time is not!

Does it take the death of a loved one or some other dramatic experience, to jolt us from our flagrant abuse of time. Or is it the joy of bringing a child into the world that makes us re-evaluate what we spend our time doing?

As you relate this to your job are you trading your time for money, frustration, irritation, stress, disease? Taking your problems home, destroying relationships, ruining lives and for some ending it all. Living out of balance because no one ever stopped to tell you that there is another way.

A way that starts with knowing just who, how, what and why you are in business. Then discovering whether a Niche, boutique, business, authentic to you is possible. A business and life based on your purpose, worth, perceived value and the financial agreement entered into between you and your customer.

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