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The Call

Staring, blank mind, seeing all around but not taking it in.

Hour after hour just trying to decide what to do — Nothing comes

The day goes by to be replaced by another — Much the same — The blank stare

Is this depression — burnout — Just not really caring anymore

Feeling nothing, staring, glazed over, no enthusiasm for anything

Is this all there is to life — time is passing by so quickly — nothing achieved

Can’t wait for it to end — Maybe tomorrow I will find my enthusiasm — My zest for life

It didn’t happen — The motivation wasn’t there — Another day gone.

But it could be different — If only I would activate what I know to do, want to do, dream of

If only I could believe in myself to step out

If only I knew how to find the people who I resonate with — But why should I?

Look at me — Who would be interested in what I have to say — I’m finding it tough


I live with me.

We each have a calling, a job to do, if we don’t do it we and the world will be the poorer

And the job will get left undone — A hole in the universe that only we can fill

What a shame — To leave this world with the job undone, the song unsung

Yet even guilt cannot motivate me — So what can, who can?

Ah Yes and there it is — A quiet prayer — An immediate answer

“To everything there is a season, a time for every Purpose under heaven”

So if I’m not feeling it, if I’m not aligned, focused, enthused, then maybe

Just maybe it’s not the right time to do what I think I should do…

Or — I’m not listening — or — Hearing and ignoring — or — Just Stubborn

Lacking self confidence, faith, belief and the strength to step out!

But — The calling I do hear it

It is a cry from the heart, a deeper knowing that will not be quenched

That will no longer allow me to ignore it — The other things I think of doing?

They are the distraction, the cause of dissatisfaction, they are earthly and not worth my time


My calling of which I am called — It is that, I choose to dwell on, give my heart to

And now I know I will rise out of a life half lived — The living dead

To the life I am called to — The work I still have to do — With it will come the clarity

The enthusiasm — The love for life that can only be fulfilled through the calling.

Now I am ready, now my mind is active, now I feel the rising in my spirit

Now is the Time.