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Stress and Dentistry

They didn’t tell us about the stress when we entered dental school.

 At least they didn’t tell me.

No one said are you absolutely sure this is for you?

How would I have known, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into

Had I have known the problems we face would I have chosen differently.


On reflection, I enjoy the outside, open spaces, love to travel,

A changes of environment 

So I stuck myself in a surgery, in a micro-world called the oral cavity

Spending my days with back arched, looking at things upside down 

Back to front with everything moving, tongue, swallowing, saliva — Stress – Mine!

I didn’t have a career advisor

No one spoke about my why, my purpose, my calling back then.

No one explained that sometimes you need to go within to find out what you really want to do.

There weren’t lessons on finding your ideal job. 

Just get the grades, go to uni and enjoy it!

I did all that, carved an excellent living but with challenges that I’d like others not to have to experience!

Does this whole story sound familiar

Want another option or at least blend dentistry with another business

Explore an exit strategy early rather than late

All of this is the subject of my latest book where we look at “The More” but that’s not in print yet!

No time to waste

I want to get on with it, help my colleagues in the healthcare arena make some changes, reduce stress and get into something that makes sense

Not giving up on the basic career, rather adding to it and the family purse

There are options, there is a way of having the best of all worlds.