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The ratio of professionals to clients is on the decline. More people qualifying, less retiring and the population relatively static. Doesn’t bode well for the young, enthusiastic, talented professional determined to excel. 

You’ve spent 3,4,5 or more years studying and now you’re faced with the prospect of dwindling numbers, greater competition, burgeoning costs and consumers chasing a deal. 

Just at a time when you’ve decided to place all your eggs in one basket to pursue a trade, doing something you’ve chosen to do because you love it. 

Now you’re faced with — A lower quality of life in the pursuit of your dream 

Simply you’re  — OUTNUMBERED

BUT — It doesn’t have to be so!

You’ve heard of multiple streams of income? Well sounds great but has the ability to defocus, sending you into a spiral dive, I know, I tried it!

 How about a couple of income streams. Your core, niche business, where you excel in your chosen profession. 

The — NICHE WEEK — Where you get to do what you are trained to do at the highest level you can achieve.

The  — Chosen Hours a week  —You spend building a secondary income without leaving home…

The five day week sustained us in the past and it was a great income — BUT NOW — The numbers don’t stack up — The ratios wrong — competition high 

THE CHOICE —  find more than one place to work from and hope you get enough customers



WE CAN — Work out the Why, the What and the How, that is a fit for you.

WE CAN — Show you a secondary stream of income, offering something that everyone needs!

WHY NOT — Reduce your stress, Sleep at night, Enjoy a great quality of life, Be paid if you are sick, off work or on holiday  — AND DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO…

 ( — Imagine that, now there’s something you don’t get from your core business, unless you work for someone who offers sick pay, holiday pay and a healthcare package! —)


  • Drill down and find what you are really excited about?
  • NICHE your professional  week — make yourself scarce — Rise above Competition
  • Look at an option to compliment your income?
  • Invest in an endeavour where you are not trading your time for money?

Aim for the life you desire  and enjoy the life you create

 Is it possible? 

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