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If I know anything about anything it’s about how to fail. 

The question is at which particular point in life did I learn to fail and or get set up to fail.

What was I told, what was the turning point, the critical moment that persuaded me that failure was an option.

People talk so much about success, the motivated even see failure as the pathway to success

Learn from your mistakes, fail faster, get over it and go again.

That’s great in motivational speak but when the rubber hits the metal it doesn’t matter a whit

What matters is I failed again, I knew I was going to, I have a history of failure, 

it was only a matter of time, I predicted it from the outset…!

So where does this come from?

I have been studying people who have decided to go into network marketing for years

As a speaker I have spoken to thousands who’s success was…

 just around the corner, days away, weeks at the most

Next time I met them at a speaking engagement they’d either given up and moved company

Or hadn’t progressed any further.

Now that’s not all of them, some have gone on to success


The majority set themselves up to fail, not succeed. Why?

Where does that come from?

 Do you really think oh I’ll set up a business and  plan to fail

No!  At the outset full of enthusiasm, fun, excitement, motivation and gusto you set out

Ready to conquer the world 

Sure the doubting voice is there, questioning you

Either your own or the voice of some well meaning person not wanting you to fail.

Hang on, so you are already set for failure either by your own hand


The hand of that well meaning person, loved one, colleague or peer!

It’s almost as if they favour failure over success.

I think there’s a significant difference between failure to run a sub four minute mile until it happens

Or you just don’t have the legs and body for the task


Failure in a business venture that to all intents and purposes offers the same criteria for everyone

Not dependent on physical attributes but on what goes on between the ears.

If this is the case then who or what has influenced the — “Between Ears Experience”.

Who or what is responsible for the failure we constantly find ourselves in.

Who or what has persuaded us to give up a the first hurdle

Who has lied to us?

Recently I have been following a pastor who is teaching on “Misunderstood”

He questions the difference between liking Jesus and being like Jesus.

He makes the point that many of us who have been church goers have a lot of undoing to do, 

Beliefs to change in order to understand what it’s like to be like Jesus.

Our teachers, pastors, vicars over many years have taught us about sin

Have preached fire, brimstone and damnation — Destined for Hell as wretched sinners

Week after week, we have learned this until we believe it and live by it.

In a similar fashion we have been lead to believe the lie of failure, we have come to expect it

It was drummed into us at school each time there was a red F on the page

A damning school report, poor grades, losing in competition all reinforcing the notion

That we are on the road to rack and ruin, abject failures from the get go.

This is a long way round getting to the point, why do we fail?

WE DON’T BELIEVE IN OURSELVES— that’s it! We were taught the lie and we swallowed it

Hook, line and sinker.

We use blame, self pity and any other excuse to defend our failure but they do nothing

Perhaps make us feel better, perhaps allow us to join the failure group, 

where we can lick each other’s wounds, commiserate on our failures and feel better about the 

whole deal.

So now I’ve outed the elephant in the room what are you going to do about it.

I believe

You have been called for a purpose, if you don’t carry it out, you and the world will be the poorer for it and the task will be left undone.

Who called you? God, He called you. 

If you don’t believe in yourself then perhaps you are saying you don’t really believe in the One who called you!

Harsh? Totally but what a perspective to work from.

Now it’s no longer you believing in you but you believing in the ONE who sent you.

So back to failure and why people drop out of mlm 

They didn’t listen to or recognise the calling 

Ungrounded in the purpose, not grasped the significance of what they have been called to do.

Don’t worry help is at hand — THE DIAMOND PRINCIPLE —

The Diamond Principle specifically deals with this. 

It goes beyond purpose to significance.

It understands the failure mentality and deals with it

It offers some very practical steps to help those who have tried and failed

Those who have started and given up — or — those struggling to make it happen

Practical steps to Restart — Go again — Take a fresh perspective

Understand the different personalities and how to work within your fundamental genius

Seek natural flow rather than copying others to your own hurt

Conquering the hurdles — Deepening resolve — recognising the two minds

Working within a very Personal Functional Envelope.

Isn’t it time to make a go of it — Round the corner — Accept that success is yours

Isn’t it time to recognise your worth — Your contribution and your purpose

I’m ready to share this with you 

You see there’s nothing to be ashamed of — The past is the past

New beginnings, deserve a new starting point

As Einstein said you can’t solve the problem with the same thinking that created it!

You can do it, you can be successful when you understand what success really means

Where success stands in the whole scheme of things and it’s not where you expect

Come and join me — go through the Diamond Principle for yourself

Deep dive into you — Let’s make this year count