No doubt about it, life has been difficult — AND — It still is

So how do you take  the difficult — Make it simple and work the simple

Look at the problem from a different point of view — Simple?

Not really but it works — Change the paradigm, change the outcome.

The theory is great but how to do it practically

Outside what I learned as a student I had to find a way to solve a problem that no one taught me

A problem that made my life difficult, made my work environment unhappy

Made the days long — Tedious — Challenging — Stressful

To the point where I just wanted to give up — Stress to Burnout to Wipeout!

I had to find a way to solve the problem so that I could carry on — I had to find A PURPOSE!

I couldn’t as Einstein famously said — “Solve the problem with the same thinking that created it!”

I had to find another way

What was the problem? — Lack of Purpose — that was my difficulty

Claustrophobic,  hemmed into a life that I didn’t want, doing something I didn’t want to do

Working with people I didn’t want to be with — In a toxic environment — With no way out  

Got to pay the bills — Need the job — I didn’t know anything else

The solution — Find a Purpose so congruent with me that it made life simple

Work the simple — Expand my horizons by seeking what was possible beyond my understanding

Being open — Open to a model that could transform my life — That helped me find my PURPOSE

I had to understand the Three Elements that lay ‘Beyond my Purpose’— But defined it

I had to get at least a simple understanding of the way I tick — What worked for me

I had to find a working model that aligned with me — NOT — vice versa

Living  and Working in flow rather than out of it

I needed a vision greater than the one I had learned at Uni — A way to really express myself

To live with more meaning to my career — 

I am so grateful for the lessons that took me from difficult to simple —AND — ‘Beyond Purpose’

Also the unexpected side benefits — That have been amazing

Oh don’t get me wrong there are still tough days — BUT — My ‘Beyond Purpose’ drives me on.

I’d like to share what I found that lies ‘Beyond Purpose’ 

It consists of three Essential Elements and a Principle that pulls them altogether.

If you’re STUCK, if life is DIFFICULT and you need some SIMPLE 

 A way to define your PURPOSE

Then FILL IN THE FORM  at the bottom of the page and I’ll be in touch.