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You’ve just got to learn to cope

Learn some coping mechanism, mindfulness strategies, techniques to help you cope.

So I looked up cope — As you do, had to know what the definition was

To face and deal with responsibilities and attempt to overcome problems and difficulties

Ok, I’m with it so far then an example is given

After his breakdown he couldn’t cope any longer

So we go from yep, managing the whole deal to overload, breakdown and lack of coping ability

Now I don’t know about you, I think there’s a part of the puzzle missing

The middle bit!

Firstly why was he having to cope? Was what he was doing beyond him

Was the pressure too much — Was it him or the job

Was he breaking down because he couldn’t cope or because he hated what he did?

Or was he overwhelmed by responsibility, lack of support, lack of motivation or praise

Was too much expected of him — Did he feel appreciated in his role


Was he told he just had to cope because he came from a whole family of copers!

Who told him he had to cope in the first place. 

Sure there are things we have to cope with

Rain and an umbrella, shopping when we don’t want to, sunscreen to prevent sunburn

Bad breath, body odour, overbearing humans , loud music, traffic noise, crowded trains

Custard tart — (Pet hate from school days)

 Now these are things we cope with


The job — When you slip into burnout without noticing it

When you’ve been coping far too long, trying to be strong when it’s overpowering

Keeping face, keeping up with the Jones’s, competing with others

Then cope leads to STRESS —BREAKDOWN — BURNOUT

You seek advice — are offered coping Mechanisms, strategies, techniques

Nothing wrong with this but what about the job

Was it his dream, his calling, his higher purpose — Was it all he wanted to do with his life


Was it just a good idea at the time, the only job he could get or a choice of career

Made at the tender age of 18 that he had long ago outgrown — But felt he needed to continue

Couldn’t let the family down, the side down, his pride down — Had to pay the bills, feed the kids

Sacrifice his life for the decisions he made — Surely he doesn’t need to cope

Surely he needs to find a purpose — Something meaningful to do with all his heart

Something that brings satisfaction and long lasting joy to his life.

Sure he still has to cope with stuff but from a perspective of doing what he wants to do

Loves to do, is devoted to do — that allows him time for his private life, his family and friends

That fills him with laughter, joy, motivation and ambition for the future.

Then he can utilise the coping techniques — BUT — Ignore the importance of the right job

And the coping does no more than accompany him as he gets older!

Rather — He discover that meaningful pursuit, his purpose and a way to support it

Rather —In the pursuit he learns to thrive over having to cope

Rather — He lives a life worthy of his calling — his piece of the puzzle placed 

He always had the choice — he just needed someone to show him the way

Offer him options — get to know him — Know what he really wants


Help him go after it.

That’s what the NO REGRETS MASTERCLASS  is all about 

If you’re facing Stress, Burnout, questioning your career then now is the time

Invest in yourself — Find out what really makes you tick and come alive

Then you can go out and do it!