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Dragging herself out of the comfort of bed and to the surgery, took effort

extreme effort — To overcome the fatigue and the mental torment

The painful joints, the aching muscles, the incessant headaches

Yet she came because she knew — ‘There had to be More to life than this’

She’d tried everything to get better and as a last resort came to us

Referred by a friend who’d had some success with her frozen shoulder and neck pain

Referred by a friend who knew she’d be dealt with kindly, considerately and with compassion

‘The worst is that no one can see it’ She said – ‘A broken leg, heart disease, cancer 

People get that — BUT — when you just don’t measure up, when there’s nothing to see

When you just look normal on the outside it’s tough — People don’t understand the struggle

They don’t get that I just can’t get over this — It just doesn’t go away

They think it’s all in my head, I’m imagining it — they just don’t understand

I want to be normal, I want the energy, I want my life back

Everyday I wake, in the hope that I’ll feel better — But I don’t’

She looks, she pleads, I listen, I always listen 

The truth is in the story, don’t listen and you don’t hear it

If you don’t mind let me stare at you for a moment

What can I see

Let me touch, find the spots, what can I feel — She flinches involuntarily with pain

How do you know where to touch, you get the exact spots

What are you looking for she enquires — The problem, I’m looking for the problem

Ah there it is and just like that I can see it — It’s real, not in her imagination

It’s as real as a broken leg if you can see it — You just have to know what you’re looking for

What a relief there really is something wrong — It’s not in my mind, I’m not going crazy

 — NO — 

It’s real, it’s there and there are answers, there is – HOPE

There’s always – HOPE…