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FRUSTRATION — Will Automation Destroy Purpose?

“There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil.”

Just a few days ago my wife wrote a fantastic post entitled – “Elixir of Eternal Youth” …

She begins —

“There is nothing that keeps you young more than — staying up to date with changes”

In his book Legacy — James Kerr highlights the problems of boredom and teenage petty crime. The answer in London was to form “Teenage Kicks”, a sport that allows the youth responsibility and purpose.

Worldwide “LAUREUS”  is using the power of sport to end violence, discrimination and disadvantage.

— Proving that Sport Can Change the World. 

People need to belong, they need a  — HIGHER PURPOSE — While many of us moan about having to go to a job, it gives us Meaning, Purpose and a Reason to earn a living.

THE ROBOTS ARE COMING  — According to an article in the British Guardian Newspaper. 

AI — Artificial intelligence is expanding, yet no one is doing enough to make sure workers benefit rather than losing out. 

A quarter of the workforce think their job won’t be needed in the future.

The health profession isn’t immune either — Allegedly a patient with Parkinson’s disease had an implant put in their brain by a doctor who was more than 3,000 km — Reports the Australian Daily Mail in March 2019. 

How long will it be before, armed with a data card carrying our own genetic information, we plug into the system for a cure to our particular malady.

We can’t just stand by and hope for the best. If we want technological change to benefit everyone rather than widening inequality then we need to start preparing now.

So whose going to start and who’s going to be left behind?

 We can stand watching, waiting, hoping, wondering and be left behind. It just depends  on who we want to be.

Marketing has already pigeon holed us. 

Apparently only 2.5% of the population are …

INNOVATORS  —Willing to take a risk and go all in from the start.

EARLY ADOPTERS — At 13.5% are the opinion leaders, fast to catch on. 

Then there’s the rest, the 84% made up of the — EARLY MAJORITY — Slow


LAGGARDS — Who appear to have an Aversion to change! People who they say are of advanced age! The Snails…

It’s understandable that the older we get the more resistant we are to change. 

But sitting on the sidelines ???

It’s time for Courage, Determination a little Risk and — RE- INVENTION 

A river that stops flowing stagnates, so do we — EMBRACE THE CHANGE EARLY

 It’s moving so fast we can’t afford to wait.

WHY —  Some may say I come from the era of the laggard — SO WHAT! 

I want to be an Innovator or at least an Early Adopter. 

RIGHT NOW — I am RIGHT THERE — Working with an online platform run by Innovators 

The very Forefront — The CUTTING EDGE —of the Online Affiliate Marketing Space!

 It’s digital, it’s online, IT’S EXCITING,  it’s Mind Evolving and I’m not even that tech savvy! 

I’m just learning from them. 

I certainly don’t want to be labelled a Laggard — How about you?

Are you using the online space for your business, your brand, your future.

Want to know more, fill in the form at the bottom and we’ll get back to you!

Don’t get frustrated, don’t let automation destroy your purpose…

“There is nothing that keeps you young more than — staying up to date with changes”