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Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life

We live in uncertain times and have done so for over two years now. During this time the hopes, the dreams, the ideas have for many been put on hold. My daughter’s plans to return to the UK have been on hold for so long now that it is difficult for her not to feel heart sick. 

Another daughter, part of a comedic trio has had so many plans dashed by lock downs and the closure of venues. 

My dancing daughter, Australasian professional salsa champion has had her career put on hold by the events of the last two years, training schedules altered or cancelled, appearances on line, training on line, nothing adequately replacing live performances. 

For my oldest daughter, a singer running her own business educating children on the necessities of good oral hygiene and diet it has been a time of constant stress and frustration with schools closing and strict rules required even to enter. 

Each has had to live through hope deferred and as a result each has suffered, stress, both physical and mental. 

Stress the non specific reaction of the body to any demand placed upon it has visited each one. Different symptoms, similar issues. 

This stress, the stress of hope deferred has made many throughout the world heart sick. Waiting to get on with life, waiting to live, all the while suffering financially.

There is a difference between waiting patiently and waiting with no end in sight. 

This no end in sight was witnessed by Victor Frankl in the prison camps of the second world war. Never knowing when war would end sent many to the grave on the day they gave up hope. Truly Hope differed makes the heart sick.

While the events of the last two years have amplified this reaction, it is one that I have seen many many times in practice. 

People who for different reasons haven’t followed their heart, haven’t done what they felt called to do. Have accepted second best, taken a job as a good idea at the time, taken the job just for the money with no expectation of ever fulfilling their dream. People who have been bullied into submission, told they wouldn’t amount to anything. People denied a chance or unaware that they had a chance.

People who have grown sick and tired of being sick and tired. The heart weary from years of unfulfilled dreams. People who have joined the living dead, going through the motions but dead on the inside.

If the last two years has taught us anything it is that we can change, we must change. 

No longer can we place trust where we thought we could

No longer can we follow a dubious narrative that holds us captive. 

For the seeker, the searcher, the one looking for more in life, the time is now. 

Allow the calling that has been lying dormant within you to rise, become active. Let enthusiasm course through your body as you determine to take action in the direction of your calling. 


Because you can no longer live with hope deferred making you sick, tired, stressed out, going from stress to distress, ease to disease. 

It is time to fulfil the desire of the heart, turn from the lies that held your desire captive and move into purposeful action. It is this action in the direction of your calling that will pull you out of the sickness and back into the flow. 

Don’t get me wrong, during the process you may need practitioners to help you with symptoms, reduce the overall stress by treating issues that can be treated and encouraging you with a new level of HOPE. I have dedicated the greater part of my career to this endeavour, helping the body to recalibrate and get better. As the fog lifts, headaches, neck pain, body aches, frustration, anger, depression, fear and  procrastination dissipate, hope can take hold.  

The desire fulfilled, faith restored, you are back, returned from the living dead, to do the job you were called to do, a job that only you can fulfil, if you don’t do it there will be a hole in the puzzle of life that only you could have filled.

 Not sure where to start, drop your details in the box at the bottom of the page and I’ll be in touch.