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No Regrets Tour

It will happen

Perhaps online rather than physically because right now we have just entered another lockdown

These rolling events really do play havoc with planning a physical location

With actually sitting with you

Chatting — Shaking hands — Exchanging ideas

Just before the event happened I was to embark on the No Regrets Tour.

Why no regrets?

Because as you near the end of your career there is this uncanny need to REFLECT

Reflect on life and see whether it was up to muster.

I have to admit it’s a daunting task and one that I didn’t really want to take on


Of course I did. The result was the planned —  “No Regrets Tour.”

I looked at the regrets of the dying.

Now there’s an eye opener right there!

A salutary lesson to be learned, decisions to be made right now

In — URGENCY— rather than the luxury of procrastination…..

Do I have regrets, Yes and No, would I do things differently if given a second chance, Yes and No.

You see when you reflect, you can dig up all the mistakes, the failures, the missed opportunities

Feel really bad about life.

On the other hand you can review your — SUCCESSES — The Highlights

The events that made a difference.

It was an extremely interesting process.

I didn’t really appreciate what I had achieved until I listed it out.

I also didn’t really know what I still wanted to do until I wrote the list.

It is really — THE LIST — that is IMPORTANT

It’s what helps DEFINE YOU and as you reach a crisis point in your life


Earlier — Later

When at a crossroads you are wondering what to do the list comes in really handy.

It forms a Map

The past is the journey up until now, the spot on the map where you currently reside

The future stretches out in front of you

( in fairness in time line therapy the future is in a direction peculiar to you — BUT —I digress)

The future gives you direction, focus, and a distant finishing point when of course it is all done.

A point of Success — Significance — Legacy

Ultimately I believe we are looking for these three qualities in life.

What does each one mean to me? To you it may be different, yet the words are the same.

SUCCESS – Achievement what I set out to do, what I wanted out of life materialistically, my work, my family life, my play.

SIGNIFICANCE – The impact I have had in the community, accomplishment – contribution to society

LEGACY – What I leave behind for my family, the next generation, society and how I will be remembered.

Wouldn’t you want that?

Well — All will be revealed as I open up for the No Regrets Tour

It will also highlight “Benching Burnout” so important if regrets are to be averted

Keep tuned, I’ll let you know when it’s happening



See you soon…