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Treat the symptoms or find the cause

Actually it’s a combination of both

Having spent the last 40 years treating Stress of dental origin and I don’t mean fear of the dentist

( Unless it’s due to a significant life event — More on that in person! )

I have come to realise that often all we do is treat symptoms

This isn’t a bad thing, get rid of headaches, neck and back pain allows people more clarity

Clarity to work on the deeper issues

Yes cover all the known stressors, financial, relationships, the job, the community, life

Not maybe a root cause but again a symptom of something deeper


We identify a cause, what help is this if it turns out to be a reminder

A reminder of an event from the past that can’t be changed — What then?

Not much of an outcome unless it can be put to good use

The culmination of life events may well have equipped you for the very calling you have

That calling unrecognised, not acknowledged or even unknown

Brings with it, it’s own stress — The knowing deep within that there is something else

Perhaps MORE to life than this — An inkling that you are here for a reason even if you don’t know it

There is so much talk about purpose, your why, living your passion


If you don’t know what it is, how can you live it

This is what I have discovered over all these years for myself and for others

This is what I now bring to the table — A way of identifying this deep stressor

We can talk about the more superficial stuff — Indeed my book ‘Chill Out’ covers it

The deep stressor needs a bit more work, a bit of digging and understanding

As we go into the New Year — Is it going to be same old same old


Is it time to for an appointment with your Assignment — Your Calling

The Choice is yours

Are you ready to turn the corner, take the challenge, answer the call

Because I’m taking this out on tour next year

But before I do — I’d like to offer a pre Christmas Special

Interested in finding out more — GO TO CONTACT FILL IN YOUR DETAILS

And I’ll get back to you