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A few days before I retired from Dentistry one of my patients said  — ‘It’s as if you know me’

This comment came because I had given her a book to read after her first visit.

I wrote the book quite a few years ago and have given it out when I feel the time is right

With this lady who suffers from Chronic Fatigue the time was right.

What a compliment — She knew that I understood what she was going through

The book spoke to her — It identified with her — AND — Gave her answers

Sometimes we forget the impact that we can have on those around us — Just by tuning in

Sometimes we do a life’s work and then let it sit there — As I have with this book

Is it the authority on stress and dental distress — No I doubt it, it was never meant to be

It was meant to say I see you, I hear you, I understand what you’re going through

It was meant to say — Stress doesn’t send you off to the funny farm 

It doesn’t mean you’re losing it — Neither does burnout

It may mean you’ve been staying strong for too long

It does mean that there are some very practical, physical things going on that can be addressed

It does say treat what you can treat and allow the body to do the rest.

Since the book was first written, revised, reedited it has just been around — There if you want it

No marketing —Just  Word of mouth — Speaking engagements — AND — grateful patients.

The book is still there and it paves the way for my latest book ‘The MORE’

‘Chill Out’ levels the playing field — gets people on the same page

Shows them who can help them with their stress, distress, the symptoms they’re suffering

The More goes beyond this — Once the obvious stressors are treated and stress reduced

Once you are back inside your functional envelope 

The brain fog has lifted — You feel a little brighter you are ready to take the journey

To the MORE — BUT — First let’s level the playing field

Join me for the ‘No Regrets Masterclass’ 

If you’re wondering where life went — Feeling the pain — Stressed or burnout

If you’re wondering what’s next — Is there a next?

If you’ve said — ‘There must be MORE to life than this’

Then this masterclass is for you 

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