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We acknowledge that work can get stressful at times

However it’s when at times – becomes –  All the time –  that there’s a problem

We have a tendency to ignore stress, try to COPE  with it – Learn techniques to deal with it

I get that – but coping isn’t the ideal – A long hard look at the problem is!

What is stress – ‘the reaction of the body and mind to demands placed upon it’

Notice it’s body and mind – So it’s not just mental, it’s physical as well

During my long dental career I treated stress of dental origin 

The impact of imbalances in the bite causing problems in both the body and mind

Normalisation of the imbalance contributed to a reduction of symptoms and a reduction in stress

Along with Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and other allied professions we dealt with this

However – The deeper issue was often unresolved – The work/ Lifestyle conundrum

We can do all the work, we can help reduce overall stress, allow the body the work

Keep it within it’s functional envelope – BUT – This doesn’t resolve the deeper issue

The sadness, angst, overwhelm, burnout from trying to be strong too long

Working in a job, a system that just doesn’t fulfil

What’s the option – Soldier on, stiff upper lip, keep your feelings to yourself

Or be proactive – Look for the options – A suitable way to transform your life

Make it into all that you want it to be – Why not you’ve only got the one shot at it

Why not make it the best life, why not be in flow, why not reduce stress 

Why live a life of thinking – ‘There must be more to life’ – but – never find it.

The aim is to help you discover and achieve that illusive ‘More’ 

Make it a reality and as a result turn that stress into action, motivation, momentum 

With Success, Significance and Legacy the result. 

All you have to do is reach out and asked ‘HOW?’