You are currently viewing After The Storm 2. – Will you be flying high?

After The Storm 2. – Will you be flying high?

As I sit here wondering what to do

Wondering when the storm will pass as it surely must

Wondering whether life will be the same or different

Wondering whether I want it to be the same or different

I realise that I want different.

When we are on the treadmill the things we wish to do, so often we don’t do

Replaced by the necessary, the fundamentals, the must do’s, the grind

The things that allow us to just get by, when once we thought we would really live

The things that lead to loss of enthusiasm, self doubt, worry and burnout!

I have done this, got the T shirt and made the change — That was my storm moment!

Now it’s your turn — The storm moment where choices are made

You see when we all go back — Will you continue to work the same way


Choose a different path in your career? That’s what I did years ago

I’ll share that story some other time but right now while you wait to go back,

What’s the plan? What can you make the future hold for you

Same old, same old? Nothing wrong with that if you’re enjoying it, if not –

What do you really want and why? Do you want to be the same as everyone else

Do the same, offer the same? No point of difference!


Do you choose a different path, a niche path, an indispensable path

A path that offers a service so often overlooked in practice

A path that serves your existing patients on a deeper level, builds relationship, fosters trust

A path that gives you job satisfaction, mental fulfilment and a real sense of accomplishment.

As you go into lock down, you have the time to explore  different options

Possibilities within and outside our profession — eggs/basket!

I’d love to share some options with you, see if they are a fit, resonate with where you are right now

See if you are ready to take a different road in dentistry — While what I did may not be for you

The fundamentals of the approach are true for whatever direction you choose to take.